www.paigowpokeronline.org/pai-gow-rules are very important for the Pai Gow Poker game. It was introduced in the casino world just recently. It is a highly entertaining and enthralling game. This game entails some rules and the rules must be adhered to by the players.

This game is based on the Chinese domino who name was Pai Gow. It is a purely a casino gambling game. It can be played by making use of the poker blends by up to 7 people. This game has a deck of 52 cards in addition to the joker.

The joker can be utilized as a replacement for the Ace card or when the player tries to complete a flush, straight or a straight flush. It is only in some cases that the joker card is helpful.image5

The dealer in this fascinating game is called banker. He makes a part of the game and the other players from the table play against him. The players must put up some stake or the bet. Every player will get 7 cards.

Once the players receive the cards they need to look at them individually. Every player then divides the cards in two hands.